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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I buy this book The Little Man In the Map? 
The Little Man In the Map book is a fun and unique way to learn the shapes and LOCATION of the states. 

2) How is this book unique?
It uses memory aids to create a mental map of the States. 

3) What is a mental map?
A good example is our home. We have a mental map of where the kitchen is, the bedroom, living room, garage, etc. 

4) Who is The Little Man In the Map?
He is a character formed by five states stacked one on top of the of other. 

5) Which states form the outline of a little man in the map?
Going from top to bottom or north to south, they are Minnesota,Iowa,Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana. 

6) How do those five states form the shape of a little man in the map?
They are his hat, his face, his shirt, pants and boots.

7) How did those states get those shapes?
By the state lines that were drawn a long time ago, but most importantly the Mississippi River which carves the bottom of his hat, then his face including nose lips and chin, his shirt, pants and top part of his boot. 

8) How do the memory aids help in learning the states?
The memory aids are used primarily to form visuals. Either from the shape of the state or the role it plays, or both. For example Texas is his chair. Texas is shaped like a high back chair and it’s location is right behind his boot, so he can sit down while he eats the Ham (Virginia) on his table (Tennessee and North Carolina). 

9) Does every state play a role in The Little Man In the Map book?
Yes, each State plays a unique role either through its shape, its location or both. A great example is Texas his chair. 

10) Why are the roles of the states and The Little Man In the Map so important?
Because our brains remember images much easier than words.

11) Are there other memory aids used in The Little Man In the Map?
Yes, the entire book is done in rhyme. Kids love rhyme and rhyme is so much easier to remember than just words, especially when they are reinforced by images.

12) What is an example of a memory aid?
It can be hard to remember exactly where the Mississippi river runs. But once you see The Little Man In the Map and know that the Mississippi River is what draws his shape then it is almost impossible to forget.

13) How is the little man in the map part of the story?
In the story the little man in the map takes the kids on a journey of discovery and helps them to learn the states.

14) Who did all the illustrations in The Little Man In the Map
Ed Olson who worked for Disney for 20 years did all the illustrations in The Little Man In the Map.

15) Has The Little Man In the Map been tested in schools?
Yes, The Little Man In the Map has been tested in the 2nd through the 6th grades with outstanding results. 

16) Who primarily buys the books?
Teachers, homeschoolers, grandparents and parents. 

17) How long does it take to learn all the states?
From the feedback I have been given by my readers it depends on the child. Some have learned most or all of the states in just a few readings. 

18) can The Little Man In the Map be used as a bedtime story. 
Very much so. Many parents report their child asking for it night after night.