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The Little Man In the Map With Clues To Remember All 50 States –

  • Full Color,
  • Hard Cover,
  • Reinforced Library Binding,
  • Dust Jacket,
  • 64 pages,
  • English,
  • Ages 6-12 and older.

The Little Man In the Map: With clues to Remember All 50 States employs an effective method of mnemonics and rhyming lessons to teach U.S. geography.

The story features MIM, an embodiment of playful imagination, whose positive energy sparks students’ interest in learning. He invites readers on a journey of discovery through the United States. Along the way, he shows how each state plays a unique role and interacts with the states around it. 

The states are visited one region at a time. Their special roles are presented in colorful illustrations accompanied by catchy verses that make it easy to remember their names, shapes, and locations. 

Regional locator maps and reviews help measure learning progress.  A full map of the U.S. at the end of the book places the states and their regions into context. Clear structural breaks, clever use of rhyme, and reinforcement through visual clues help make this book an invaluable teaching tool for teachers, home-schoolers, parents, and anyone interested in helping children learn effectively.

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The Little Man In the Map Teaches the State Capitals!

  • 6 X 9 inches,
  • 116 pages,
  • Black and White Illustrations,
  • Paperback,
  • Full Color Cover

The Little Man In the Map Teaches the State Capitals!

In response to requests from fans of his first book, Andrew Martonyi has authored The Little Man In the Map Teaches the State Capitals! Adhering to the proven method of its predecessor, using fun illustrations, this eagerly awaited new book also uses mnemonic devices that make learning easy and fun.

It’s is the perfect companion to The Little Man in the Map and the Wall Map and continues the learning experience. Great for parents, teachers, educators and homeschoolers.