Last Chance Gulch

Four miners went on a 6 week trip to find gold in what was known as the Montana Territory in 1864. After six weeks of prospecting and finding hardly any gold, they were about to give up on the area. They decided to head back to an area they called Last Chance Gulch. On July 14, 1864, they finally found gold nuggets and gold dust. Word soon got out there was gold discovered and the Last Chance Gulch gold rush began.

Last Chance Gulch produced 19 million dollars’ worth of gold in the first four years.

By October there were over 200 people living in the mining camp. The residents got together the day before Halloween, October 30, 1864, and decided to rename the camp Helena, after the Minnesota hometown of one of the miners.


Montana State Capitol in, Helena, MT.
Photo by: Tracey Elizabeth under CC License.

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