The Power of Mnemonics

We are talking today about the power of MNEMONICS. In other words - Memory Aids. Memory Aids are memory devices that help learners recall information.
We have all experienced trying to learn facts by rote and how difficult it is. The word Rote is defined as “mechanical or unthinking routine or repetition”.

This method has been employed in our schools for many years and while working for some, most students have found it frustrating, boring and of little long term value.

The good news is that we have seen a great deal of innovation in the area of using memory aids to make learning not only faster and more fun for student and teacher alike but also producing a much higher retention of the material.

We all know that when students have an enjoyable learning experience with a subject, they are more eager to learn and they retain much more.

This is the goal of The Little Man In the Map, With Clues To Remember All 50 States. Students have been trying to learn the name of the states by rote. Today they learn the name of all 50 states using the Memory Aid of Music, as in the 50 States Song.

However, while effective in teaching the names of the states, it does little to help learn the location and shape of the states and the states around it.

Thus knowing there is a state named Michigan or California but not knowing their location or how the state is shaped is of no real value to the student and does little to advance the knowledge of US geography.

Easy Geography Books for Children

Memory aids help children remember the states.

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