easy geography books for kids

Five states make up the Little Man in the Map.

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“The Little Man In the Map is outstanding! I…previewed, taught, reviewed and evaluated this wonderful program with my students.”Kathy Moran, sixth-grade teacher

“If only this book had been available 20 years ago when I first started homeschooling my six children! I am thankful it’s available now so I can use it as curriculum for my last two homeschooled children.”Pamela L. Schwagerl, president/owner of Tsaba House Publishing

“I thought The Little Man In the Map was a very creative story and idea.” A.H., student

“The Little Man In the Map was an excellent educational opportunity for my class. The students learned so much about the United States.”Kal DePaco, second- and third-grade teacher

“I thought it was amazing how all the states fit together to form a little man and his belongings.”
B.L., student

“I thought it was very cool how his name was the first few letters of the states he is in, from his hat to his toes. …if you remember his name, you will at least remember five states.”K.H., student

“MIM is an engaging program that students look forward to each learning session. It makes learning geography easier and exciting for students.” AnnMarie Robles, fifth-grade teacher

“The Little Man In the Map… helped me greatly to ace the test we took.” P.K., student

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easy geography books for kids